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Holiday or Live in New Zealand
If you are considering making New Zealand your new home, you want to start a business or simply plan a holiday in this stunning country, whatever your reason for coming to New Zealand you need to check out the recently introduced personal immigration packs online. An abundance of information is available in each of the packs, select from Visitor Packs, Skilled Migrant Packs, Business Packs and Family Categories Packs.
New Zealand Immigration
Birds of New Zealand
Narena Olliver has developed a wonderful web site on New Zealand's birds. She is neither an ornithologist nor a scientist but a writer with an intense interest in natural history.
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Department of Conservation
The Department of Conservation is the central government organisation charged with conserving the natural and historic heritage of New Zealand .
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Fish & Game New Zealand
Welcome to Fish and Game New Zealand's official website. We are the New Zealand Government's agency responsible for managing freshwater sportsfish fisheries and gamebird hunting.
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Fishing.NET is devoted to recreational fishing. New Zealand is home to some of the most spectacular fishing opportunities in the world, from the world's best striped marlin and yellowtail kingfish fisheries to stunning backcountry fly fishing.
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Lance Broughton
Never before in the history of mankind has an author become famous for being so well unknown. I spend my time indulging my fantasies and writing novels in a $100 caravan (trailer) parked in the backyard.
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New Zealand Motor Caravan Assn
There are people of all ages and from all walks of life in the NZMCA who enjoy the outdoor life, our lakes, rivers, bush and beaches and take pride in caring for our environment.
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New Zealand Police
Over the last six years overall recorded crime in New Zealand has dropped by 7.8% against a population increase of 4.3%, and over the same period the Police rate for resolving crime has improved by 5%. Click Here to visit site.
Saving the Kiwi
The Kiwi Recovery initiative has been so successful in Tongariro and Northland that this breeding season may be the last time the programme is used in this area.
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Te Papa Museum of New Zealand
Te Papa is different from any other museum on the planet ... playful, scholarly, imaginative, educational, interactive, bold - Te Papa speaks with a Kiwi accent. Who we were, who we are, and even who we might become.
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Yellow Eyed Penguin Trust
The Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust was formed with the aim of saving the penguin by restoring coastal forest and controlling predators. Their efforts also benefit other native species of plant and animal.
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Youthline provides a free, confidential and non judgemental telephone counselling service. We are here to listen to you and help you with your problems. Our objective is to help guide you towards exercising your own choises and finding answers to your own issues. Click Here to visit site.

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